Exclusive Swiss Ski Chalet

The Chalet

Chalet Charr is constructed over three floors with the main entrance, via a raised bridge, at the upper level.

The open plan living room, dining room and study are at the upper level, bedrooms at the central level and leisure facilities below.

The interior design includes bespoke furniture combined with owners' antiques, fine Persian rugs, furs and fabrics. The walls are hung with art and photographs produced by the family and even the table lamps have been individually designed. Where furnishings have been purchased, care has been taken to incorporate the best available. Dining chairs are by Knoll of Italy, cutlery from David Mellor in Derbyshire and tweeds from the House of Bruar in Scotland.

The views from Chalet Charr over the Val d'Anniviers are breathtaking. From first light until sunset, winter or summer, the peace, solitude, surrounding woodland landscape and wildlife are awe inspiring.

The plans opposite enlarge to illustrate views of the accommodation at each level.